Dictyostelium DISCOideum Sound System

The Dictyostelium DISCOideum Sound System was inspired by the Dictyostelium discoideum more commonly known as Slime Mould.

Slime mould is a single-celled organism that lives in cold, damp areas such as on the bark found on the floor of a forest. Slime Mould has been of interest to biologists for a century because of its’ strange behavior. What interested the biologists was that for much of its life the slime mould exists as a multitude of distinct single-celled organisms each moving separately and independently of other slime mould organisms. However under the right conditions, when the weather is less hospitable, these single-celled organisms coalesce into a single large organism, not dissimilar to a slug. The new organism moves as a coherent mass, eventually changing its shape into a plant like form which can survive the harsh conditions with virtually no nourishment. When the weather becomes more hospitable to the mould and food is once again plentiful the slime mould appears to disappear. In effect it reverts back to a multitude of individual entities.

The Dictyostelium DISCOideum Sound System consists of a MP3 player connected to a miniature FM transmitter, creating a portable pirate radio station. The speakers for the sound system are supplied by each participant bringing there own portable radios to the Dictyostelium DISCOideum event. Should the environment become less hospitable to the Dictyostelium DISCOideum Sound System, i.e. the old bill turn up, then the sound system appears to disappear. In effect it reverts back to a multitude of individuals, each with their own private portable radios, ready to re-converge and transform a new space. The Dictyostelium DISCOideum Wireless Sound System supplied the tunes at the 2005 SpaceHyjackers Pirate Island Party.