Invisible Geographies 50MHz-6000MHz

Over the last 15 years there has been an explosion in the use of mobile and wireless communication devices that make use of microwave signals between 50MHz-6000MHz, such as mobile phones, Wireless LANs, General Positioning Systems, Bluetooth devices, etc. Both rural and urban spaces have been overlaid with an invisible geography of microwave communications. As you walk the city you will pass through a whole array of text messages, emails and phone conversations. 

‘Invisible Geographies 50MHz-6000MHz’ constitutes ongoing experimental research that utilising performance, phycogeographical Drifts, and audio / video field recordings, to explore the relationship between this new terrain and my subjective responses to the physical environment. Within my research I allow myself to be immersed, drawn, pushed and pulled, excited and threatened by my psychological responses both to the city and its changing architectural zones and through the aural effects of making the cities communications infrastructure audible. I seek the points of Intersection where the Invisible Geographies resonate with my phenomenological experience of the built environment.