The Law of the Circle

The world had descended into a cycle of trauma, feeling the need to return to the site of its wound. Trapped in a loop of return, revisit, relive, it had established cyclic time based on the Law of the Circle. It located its wound, not within in its people, but within its architecture. It constantly replayed the Image of its trauma as though it may uncover something new, discover something it had missed, find the missing fragment it required to re-construct itself.

We also felt the need to return to the site of a trauma. Our trauma. It wasn’t great in the spectacular way, but similarly located itself within architecture. The architecture of the bridge. Without knowing the exact location, all bridges became significant and the Albert Bridge became our surrogate. We felt the need to return to this place. To interact with it. To travel back through time, exploring the palimpsest, in the hope of locating a key. The key that would allow us to break free of the cyclic pattern that had been established by the Law of the Circle.