The Situationists drifted around a newly consumerised Paris. We find ourselves stumbling through London’s Ruins.

Join us for a drift through the ruins.

Meet: 1pm, Saturday 21st February, outside Hales Gallery - Tea Building, 7 Bethnal Green Road, London E1 6LA.

Laura Oldfield Ford, We Are bad, London Psychogeographical Association and West Essex Inqalab will be facilitating a ‘derive’(drift) or psychogeographic walk around the area of East London currently being redeveloped for the 2012 olympics. The tactic of psychogeography will be employed to expose the repressed desires of the city and uncover the histories the Olympic delivery authority have attempted to erase. We will plot sites of social antagonism where the demolished and displaced will return to haunt the developers, and obsolete maps will be used to chart the public space barred to us in the 2012 corporate land grab.