on MAY the 1st

A virus spreading through the worlds office blocks

'It was 4.31pm, a minute after the London markets had closed, and on the equities trading floor at Merrill Lynch a weary looking trader pushed his chair back from his desk. "Bloody hell," sighed the young man, to whoever was on the end of the phone he had hooked around his head. "That was quite a day." On his desk, the bank of screens showed exactly what kind of day: the monitor recording the fortunes of the FTSE 100 was a block of almost unbroken red. Ninety of the companies suffered losses.'

Take part in Red Screens
A distributed event on
MAY 1st 2009

To take part change your screen saver to Marquee
and set both the background and text to red.

Send photos of your red screens to: -


For more information and Monitor Set up Instructions including Mac OS X see : -