dorkbotlondon Dorkbot #63

/people doing strange things with electricity/

When: 19:00-22:00, 18 November 2009

Where: Limehouse town hall,

646 Commercial Road,

E14 7HA

[map ]

Featuring the grand and disturbing...

  • The People Present: Planetary Pledge Pyramid // The End of the World Game <>* Saul Albert
  • The British EFF - Protecting Your Bits <>* Glyn Wintle - A discussion of the up coming three strikes legislation, government plans to monitor the uk internet and knitting.
  • electric vehicles and open design <> * Hugo Spowers - A small UK-based car company, Riversimple, is applying an open collaborative approach, which has had massive success in the software world, to develop the electric vehicles of the future.
  • Traces <>* John Wild - GSM data turned into solid matter.

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