XXX-Radiation : John Wild becomes the first radiation porn star!

In 2006 I created a number of artworks exploring how states view their citizens in the post 9/11 climate. In ‘Terminal 4’, an A2 duratrans mounted on a light box, and ‘Self Portrait using Backscatter Radiation’, a 78”x 48” Digital C-Type Print, I gained unique access to the images created by the controversial Rapiscan Secure 1000 security scanner currently in use at Heathrow and across America.
The Scanner creates security images of travellers through a process known as backscatter radiation, an image is produced by firing a low level of radiation at the traveller and analyzing the radiation that is bounced back. Radiation penetrates below the clothing and is reflected from the skin (or bones that are close to the surface) allowing a computer to generate an image of the bodies’ surface.

Since 2006 I have been inundated with requests to use the Terminal 4 image, particularly from campaigners against airport scanners in the USA and it has become one of the main image of the NATIONAL OPT-OUT DAY! organised for Wednesday, November 24th 2010.
However the popularity of the image with campaign groups has led to my images attracting a different audience.I have started receiving emails asking whether I can supply more backscatter radiation images and a google search brought up my image on the front cover of the dubiouse looking TSA Scans Magazine.
One email I received from a NY fetish club claims that my image is so popular with their members that they would be prepared to pay a decent price for more XXX-Radiation Porn! It seems that what started out as an esoteric artwork created in 2006 whilst at the Royal College of Art may have inadvertently turned me into the first radiation porn star!