John Wild on Resonance FM – Dec 1st 2010

Furtherfield Resonance Show

Join us on Resonance 104.4FM
Wednesday, Dec 1st 2010.
Time 7-8pm (UK – GMT).
Hosts: Marc Garrett, Irini Papdimitriou & Jonathan Munro
Special Guests: John Wild, Olga Panades Massanet & Vincent Van Uffelen

Marc will be interviewing: John Wild, is an artist, anarchitect, and psychogeographical explorer of dataspace. He studied sculpture at the Royal College of Art (MA) and received a 1st class BA honours degree from Chelsea College of Art and Design. A dialogue between Art and Politics, and a collaborative DIY ethos are Central to Wild’s practice. John has collaborated with the Space Hijackers (, We Are Bad (, Savage Messiah and is a member of the Limehouse Town Hall Boxing Club London, UK (

Wild has gained much recognition for his work with images created by the controversial Rapiscan Secure 1000 security scanner currently in use at Heathrow.

Irini & Jonathan will be interviewing: Olga Panades Massanet & Vincent Van Uffelen. The collaborative project Deep Media Ecologies emerged out of Olga Panadés Massanet and Vincent Van Uffelen curiosity driven investigation of the relationships between human bodies, communication and technology.

Olga carries practical and theoretical research in the field of media arts. She works as a co-editor with while she pursues a practice-based PhD at Goldsmiths. Her research project looks into assemblages of sunlight, human bodies and machines. She is particularly interested on subtle modes of communication across bodies of radically different nature. She looks at the ways in which electronic circuits, computational systems, endocrine processes and neurological happenings intermingle. The tools she develops are speculations about the
undercurrents of body communication.

Vincent is an artist and digital craftsman who exhibited his work in UK and abroad. He studied computer science, media studies, and cultural studies and gained thereby a sound theoretical foundation that supports now his critical research of the murky entanglement of media, computation, and matter. At present he creates: devices to act in the physical domain, probes that reveal, things that meddle with communication processes, as well as objects that provoke thoughts.