HEXISTS / ELECTROMAGNETIC VOODOO / DATA STREAM / 42,33,44,25,58,41,55,44,23,29,40,38,32,41,42,56,28,31,59,41,37,43,23,38,28,42,20,35,88,29,23,48,34,41,33,99,88,55,36,26,71,87,48,34,68,58,23,42,23,20,44,42,38,13,34,22,18,41,99,24,30,36,80,38,20,21,37,23,44,15,29,35,43,60,39,19,24,63,50,17,79,98,99,33,22

On the 4th July from 9am to 11pm as part of Act 0 of the Moving Forest 2012  an  audio broadcast , scored and assembled using the  *¬A algorithm and a lost river, conjuring prophecies and omens unleashed by the 2012 Olympics, by the financial crisis, by the London riots, by Occupy, by Clashes in Quebec, was broadcast from Resonance FM.

The *Hexists followed the path of the lost Hackney Brook, now a sewer, from the Arsenal Emirates Stadium to the Olympic stadium.  On their trajectory towards the 'Castle' the Hexists consulted the Oracle, an Algorithmic score – [The ” ¬A “]  - based in the Resonance FM studio broadcasting forecasts of the future. 

John Wild joined the Hexists drift, divining the electromagnetic data from the invisible banks of the underground river, transmitting a Twitter Data Stream that was received and sonified by The ” ¬A “, creating sonic intensities in response to the invisible electromagnetic geographies experienced by the walkers.

*The algorithm  (The ” ¬A “ ) was written by Thibault Autheman for the production of emergent acoustic phenomena.

* The Hexists – conceptualised and facilitated by Rachel Baker & Kayle Brandon

*'Wolf Vanish’ – Hallucinatory vocalisations – Robin Bale